{a letter to my daughters}

Dear Girls,
We are almost through the month of October and boy has it gone quickly.  We have been busy trying to take in all that fall offers.  As a family, we visited two apple orchards, a pumpkin patch, and have spent countless afternoons outside enjoying the weather.

Hazel, you are very interested in the pumpkins we brought home.  As we pull out of the driveway every morning, you say “goodbye” to the pumpkins and when we arrive home you make sure to visit them before we head inside.  It was also your idea that we buy four pumpkins for the entire family.  Daddy and I almost left the pumpkin patch with three but you reminded us that Lola needed one too.  You are already looking out for your sister and I LOVE it.

Lola, you continue to be a very easy going baby and a just a joy to be around.  You have found your voice, but you don’t really use it all that often.  You have begun to smile this past month and your first one was for your Daddy.  You continue to grow and change everyday.  It makes me sad each time you outgrow a piece of clothing.  I am not ready for you to get any bigger.  I love our late night snuggles and cherish the way your eyes sparkle when you are happy.


I love my little pumpkins.


I am so honored to be participating in this Letters to Our Children project with so many  talented photographers and moms.  These monthly letters and photographs are our way of honoring our special children and letting them know how much we cherish them.   Please follow the circle of links and visit the blog of the very talented Nicole.

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